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PROJECT RG – Part 5: Fretboard Inlay Decals

Published on May 1, 2014 By admin

This was done while I was waiting for the lacquer to cure. These are decals that you can buy from eBay. Allow time for them to ship, because they are from a …

How to make custom PSP Skin/Decal [Tutorial - Part 1]

Published on January 16, 2011 By admin

►►►►►Read First◄◄◄◄◄ Create a personalized PSP skin. In this tutorial we will use Photoshop but if you don’t have it, refer to my other tutorial: www.youtube.com Download the template: www.mediafire.com Click for part 2: www.youtube.com How to print: www.youtube.com Click to see the final outcome: www.youtube.com If you don’t have photoshop click on my easy […]

Cutting Master 2 Print & Cut Part 4 of 6 – Craft ROBO CC330

Published on January 4, 2011 By admin

Complete Step-by-Step Video Tutorial showing how to Print and Cut with Graphtec’s Cutting Master 2 — Graphtec plug-in to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw with use on the Graphtec Craft ROBO CC330 Desktop Cutting Plotter. Demonstration is on a PC using Adobe Illustrator CS4 and CorelDraw X4. Great for crafts, hobby enthusiasts, scrapbookers, scrapbooking, graphic artists […]

Weathering A Chessie System SD40-2 Part 1of 4, FADING

Published on December 24, 2010 By admin

Ok, i thought i bring this Chessie System SD40-2 back to the future, so of to the weathering shop it went, i start out By fading the Hole Engine, Then move on to the Roof and then the letters, and at last the Orange stripe, It is coming along very nicely, Hope you enjoy this […]

Ghost Rocket Install Ruger SR9 Part 1

Published on December 17, 2010 By admin

Part 1 of Ghost Rocket trigger bar reset installation. Fire control system removal and tips, stock Ruger and Ghost Rocket trigger bar reset comparison, and fitting concerns. Other goodies that come with the Ghost Rocket is a catalog, business card, and a couple of cool decals.

Building the train & Delorean model (Part 2)

Published on November 8, 2010 By admin

Make sure you watch Part 3! Here’s a pretty in-depth video on how I made my Back to the Future 3 model locomotive and rail road delorean. Follow the steps shown in tho move to create your own model of the train and delorean like I did, it’s not that hard and can be done […]

MG Gundam Exia – Part 1 – Igntion mode – Gunpra review – 00 Master Grade ガンプラ ガンダム

Published on September 28, 2010 By admin

twitter.com | www.gundam.tk | Setsuna F. Seiei’s first lead Gundam gets the Master Grade treatment. Check out the unboxing, and see what you get with this (currently) 5000 yen purchase. Check out Part 2 for a detailed look at the plates, manual, decals, etc. I’ve already built the 1 non-grade Exia, and liked it a […]

The Basic Vinyl Application Video Part 4

Published on September 5, 2010 By admin

Visit www.signwarehouse.com for our complete video library! To purchase the full screen DVD version, visit the following link at www.signwarehouse.com Description: The following series of videos contain basic vinyl application techniques, and are designed for beginners who have no experience with applying vinyl to sign substrates. The video is shown in it’s entirety, but has […]

What’s New Beelzebub POI Part 11 Final Driving Game

Published on September 4, 2010 By admin

Beating the final driving game. For those of you who don’t know, the second season of Sam and Max had a different driving game in each episode except for Chariot of the Dogs. This video shows how many rounds of the game you have to win, and all other decals. I’m tempted to do a […]

Building the train & Delorean model (Part 3)

Published on August 31, 2010 By admin

The Decals can be found here, check the video to see where they go: i221.photobucket.com Also Visit my deviantart account for pictures of the locomotive in action: dafanimationstudios.deviantart.com Stay tuned for more videos showing the train running! Here’s a pretty in-depth video on how I made my Back to the Future 3 model locomotive and […]