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Lego Star Wars – How to make Clone Decals on your Computer.

Published on May 1, 2014 By admin

Mr22c: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mr22C Well, Hope you know now how to make your decals on the Computer!

how to make decals for your clones(and lego figures)

Published on May 1, 2014 By admin

i found this out from michaelmgf. (i just do it a little differently). leave a comment below on if this vid was helpful and which clone you like the best.

How to get Lego decals free

Published on May 1, 2014 By admin

This Is my way to get free Lego decals.

Lego ww2 Assault on Dawnville

Published on January 4, 2011 By admin

After Baker Company takes over a french town the Germans are up at the crack of dawn to retake the town, they also have a tank! decals: www.brickshelf.com All credit of the tank design goes to JSLegoMaster, Thank you

Lego ww2 Battle of Brecourt

Published on December 25, 2010 By admin

after baker company defeats the Germans at Dawnville they are sent out to destroy an artillery battery the the north, Brecourt the design for the Flak 88 is from Snooperking www.youtube.com

CUSTOM LEGO HALO ELITE Minfigures Spartan Master Chief Halo 3 Arbitar

Published on December 21, 2010 By admin

These are just some of the very unique CUSTOM Lego Halo figures I make and sell on Ebay. Unlike most custom on Ebay, my decals on the legs don’t come off when trying to put the figure into a sit position as demonstrated in this video. These minifigures are great for collectiing and making movies […]

Lego Star Wars – Clone Wars Reviews – 7676 Republic Attack Gunship Review

Published on December 10, 2010 By admin

price: 119.99 pieces: 1034 rereviewing the gunship todays comparison: Droid: Trade Federation MTT Clone: The Twilight Take the battle to the Separatists with the Republic Attack Gunship! This heavily armed and armored Clone Wars troop carrier can fly and land in any battlefield or hostile terrain. Features include opening troop bay doors, removable command station […]

LEGO Brickmania Panther Ausf. A Review

Published on November 23, 2010 By admin

First one to do a review of this amazing WWll Tank! Design by Daniel Siskind Cost $205 Brickmania.com for info and as of right now it is Sold Out till he makes a new batch! Comes with 3 minifigs with brickarms and Fine Clonier Decals. Made with new LEGO pieces! And for all the work […]

Lego Halo Mini figures

Published on November 4, 2010 By admin

Lego Halo Minifigures, all credit goes to Saber Scorpion.To buy decals for these go to www.saber-scorpion.com

Lego WW2 Bunker Battle

Published on November 4, 2010 By admin

101st airbourne are given the task of taking a german artillery piece located in a bunker. Decals credit to roaglaan.