Perfect Grade – Red Frame Gundam Astray & Aile Strike Gundam

PG Red Frame Gundam Astray + Bonus Kit PG Strike Gundam + PG Skygrasper w/ Aile Striker Two of my only PG Gundams. I really need a better camera. RED FRAME ASTRAY I got the Bonus Kit that came with the first wave and to me, putting all those bonus pieces on would make the kit look pretty ugly. I didn’t want any of those pieces to go unused so I had to improvise by mixing them up. I think it turned out pretty damn good by doing that. Panel lining this kit was ab***h. I panel lined practically everything, even the pieces inside other pieces which are covered by other pieces. STRIKE GUNDAM My first PG kit and what an experience it was!! I built the whole kit on my day off in one sitting, well I took about a 40 minute break somewhere in between. This kit didn’t require much panel lining because the exoskeleton was dark enough to where panel lining would just be pointless. Guesstimate time spent (building kit and panel lining only): Gundam Astray [Red Frame] = 18-20 Hours Astray Decals = 2-3 Hours Strike Gundam = 14+ Hours (Straight) Strike Decals = 2-3 Hours Aile Strike (Did not build Skygrasper) = 2+ Hours Wallpaper: Other images:

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