Optimus Prime Project

This is a collaboration of pictures I took throughout the project of building a model of Optimus Prime. I’m not really big into models but I found a model kit at a local hobby store of this Peterbilt truck which was similar to Optimus and just couldn’t resist… and so after couple of months of working (between college and my job) this is the final product. I gave this one, the original, to my sister for Christmas 2008 because shes a huge TF fan. But now (as of June 2009) I have begun working on my next big project… and guess what??? NA NA HA HA IM NOT TELLIN!!! Thats right. Im trying to keep it kinda secret until its done. You’ll just have to subscribe to see what my next project is gonna be when I finish it hopefully by mid – late September 2009, I can only promise that it’ll be just as good, if not better than this one. To make this model I bought two of the Peterbilt kits, one for the truck and the other for spare parts and extra material. I cut the first one in half right through the sleeper cab portion and extended the cab and chassis 0.5 inches. With alot of sanding, gluing and filler putty I made the joints between the extension smooth and painted over them. The rear fenders were made completely from scratch using spare plastic scavenged from the other model kit. I made a wood block of the exact shape for the fenders as a template. I applied heat to the plastic using the bulb out of a lava lamp (those bulbs are made to have an intensely warm radiance which wont

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