How to remove decals from a car

Removing a decal of a car can be easy if you follow these steps 1) Determine whether the decal is durable (over 90% are permanent, when a new product was launched decal that they can be removed easily). This can be easy to try with your fingernail and peel the decal off werden.2 tested) Determine the type of surface the decal is stuck. If the sticker on the window of the car stuck, then a metal razor blade used to remove the decal. If the sticker is on the painted surface of a car, we strongly recommend against the use of metal razor blade, as it to scratch easily, the surface Der3) glued for labels to painted surfaces, use the following technique enver contact a rubber pad, like the Wonder Wheel, which attaches to a standard drill. The rubber pad wears the label (and most of the adhesive) Heat the decal with a hair dryer or heat gun. Use a low heat and place it only a few inches away from the stickers. While with the hair dryer, peel off the sticker with the other Hand.Hinweis: If the decal is reflective, he uses a different form of vinyl, which is much fatter. These stickers are very hard to remove, and we recommend the Wonder Wheel for this Zweck4) Once the sticker is removed, with a natural product such as eucalyptus oil, no adhesive that is left to entfernen.5) If you re-apply a new label, make sure you clean the surface thoroughly with tap water to ensure the surface is ready for the new sticker. If eucalyptus oil left on the surface, the new sticker will not adhere properly to the surface

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