How to Install Vinyl Decal on Glass and Painted Surfaces

Stickers are a great way to advertise. At the same time by it is right and wise really very important. For the long-term use and maintenance, proper installation is a must. Labels into many different forms occur. They are used in rear windows of cars, home windows, glass walls, on laptops and keyboards. They give a wonderful view of the surface and help to convey a message effectively. Let’s see how we install it on the stickers properly on different surfaces. Labels on glass surfaces / Rear windowAnwenden rear window graphics give a wonderful view of all vehicles. Whether you use it for beautification of your vehicle or for commercial purposes, there is the greatest benefit. However, a careful installation is important. Clean the glass surface and allow to dry properly before you install your favorite sticker on the window. to clean with soap and water and wipe the glass gently with a soft cotton cloth. Make sure the glass is completely free of dirt and soap residue. Do not use detergents, the chemical components. It can be detrimental to the installation. How to use vinyl windows transparent Decide where you want them to install the graphics and cut out the picture carefully on the size of the window. Remember, the length and width, so that precisely measure you to ensure that it trimmed to the exact size. Remove the liner and place it in the middle of the glass and work your way to each side. Make sure that you are not too much strain that can cause curling. Stick it slowly and gently to the surface after you so that you peeled to avoid air bubbles. If air bubbles occurred in the case, lift the sticker and apply again and smooth the area carefully. Once your decal is applied without air bubbles and wrinkles gently pat the decal with a soft cloth to ensure that they glued the glass properly. It’s the same way you can put your window sticker to any glass surface. Stickers on the walls and painted OberflächeAnwenden decals on painted walls should be carefully implemented. If the wall is freshly painted, at least wait for a month to install the decal, as the wall is at least 20-30 days for curing. If your color is shiny and stain-resistant components is to reduce the loan and can not help, adequate adhesion. Roll up the decal and hold it flat for a minimum of 24 hours. Decontaminate your wall properly with a damp cotton cloth with a mild soap or detergent and wipe it off. Be sure to clean all the scum and the surface is free from any kind of residues. Now remove the support material carefully and stick it gently against the wall. Make sure you do it slowly to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles. After you have installed it completely rub gently over the entire surface with a cotton cloth and be sure that you do not scratch the ink.

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