Custom PG Gundam 00 Raiser FINALLY!!! Got a bit of a push from a user who posted a comment on my other video. All I had to do was add decals, which I had been putting off for over 6 months. There was more I wanted to do like paint the display base white and whatever else I said I was thinking about doing on that video. BE SURE TO WATCH THAT VIDEO FIRST!!! The paint I used was Rust-Oleum for Plastic. Also used Gundam markers on some spots. Used my iPhone 4 to record and take pics for the video, so much better than that other camera I was using. NO, THE COLOR SCHEME IS NOT BASED OFF OF AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TRANS-AM. I will quote what I said a while ago from the previous video regarding it: “… if I did, I would’ve painted everything that was white into pink and then painted everything else a darker pink. Besides, mine has a few more colored apps and that, if you saw the video, you would’ve noticed the other color scheme I came up with. In the end the red scheme was better. There are red Gundams´╗┐ yenno, like the RX-78-5 (G05), Gundam Astray or Sword Impluse.” “Also, I like to keep it unique just like my PG Red Frame Astray. That and I always like the red, white, little yellow color scheme. Anybody could give it TRANS-AM colors because it is based on the´╗┐ show.” I just came across a picture a few days ago (8-26-2010), that a 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G Inspection has been announced. If you notice the colors, its pretty similat to mine. Now before anyone goes and says I based it

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