Building the train & Delorean model (Part 1)

Make sure you watch Part 2! Here’s a pretty in-depth video on how I made my Back to the Future 3 model locomotive and rail road delorean. Follow the steps shown in tho move to create your own model of the train and delorean like I did, it’s not that hard and can be done for under $100. It took me 3 days, well pretty much all weekend, to build my model. I’ll provide you with as much as I can give you, anything from links, to the custom decals for the train that I made. Message me if you have any questions, I will not respond to comments, and NO I AM NOT SELLING MY MODEL, the propose of this video is for you to make your own. STEP 1: Buy the base model, I recommend ebay because that’s where I aught all 3 of mine. Don’t forget it can be any color, it doesn’t matter because you’re going to paint it anyways. If your having trouble finding a model to buy, try searching for things like: 4-6-0, ten wheeler, Tyco, or Mantua. Just make sure you get a train that’s in “HO” scale. STEP 2: Once you receive your train it’s time to look for supplies. The supplies you will need are: * Gloss Black Spray Paint (any brand). * Flat Black Enamel Model Paint. * Small flat headed screw driver. * Small paint brush. * Sticker/Label printer paper (decals). * Roll of tape, preferably not plastic. * Large paper/news paper for painting surface. All that should be pretty cheap if you don’t already have at least half of it. STEP 3: Dissect the locomotive. Take everything off and out of the train, keep

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