About-Face: Covert Dressing Room Action

Don’t women deserve to feel fantastic when they look in the mirror? About-Face’s Summer 2009 Take Action group certainly thought so. This group, made up of San Francisco Bay Area teenage girls and their group leaders, decided to create removable decals with their own positive messages on them. Then, on August 15, 2009, the About-Face Take Action group members, About-Face volunteers, and their friends posted these decals on various stores’ fitting room mirrors in the heavily populated Union Square area and downtown shopping area in San Francisco. They also handed out decals to others who wished to do the same or to keep one for their mirrors at home. On the same day, our Take Action Group also set up its own “dressing room” at Powell St. and Market St. in downtown San Francisco and invited people to write inspirational messages about body image on the walls. To learn more about this action, visit about-face.org.

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