4409 — Is this PROOF that the Police State is coming?

Follow 4409 on Twitter twitter.com You know last week I had a video of a man getting pulled over on his eletric bike by 7 patrol cars and given $2300 in tickets and some still think it is not a big deal. Well you will soon find out it is a big deal. www.youtube.com Me and Tesla drove by of all places the “Energy Management” building and noticed about four hundred 2010 model Chevrolet Tahoe and Impala patrol vehicles for the Phoenix Police Department. The decals have yet to be put on. Is this not the same government that cries about how they are in a budget crisis and had plans to sell the Capital Building….LMAO Last time I checked if I’m in a budget crisis I don’t go and buy new $35000 Tahoes. This is what is bad about FIAT stimulus money handed out by bureaucrats. The people NEVER apporved this shit but we’re the one’s that will end up funding our own demise! Furthermore, the hypocrisy of this government crying over Co2, making HOV lanes for hybrids and then going out and buying Tahoes…LMAO Is it just me or our we living in the twilite zone? Please help this channel and foward the video to all your contacts. Don’t forget to comment, rate, and fav! We work off donations. They can be made at www.Donate2CameraFRAUD.com

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